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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Wood Grain Having A Moment?

David Mitchell Interior Design 42

Have you noticed how much wood grain pattern is popping up in fashion, interior design, tabletop and home furnishings? Is this all about the earthy munchy crunchies? Or is this a ploy for bringing the outdoors in?  Does this have to do more with our awareness of the environment? Is it a reaction to the feminization of America? Is this an extension of the whole ‘urban woodsman’ trend that has been pervasive in men’s fashion over the last couple of years that started with Freemans Sporting Club in NYC?  Or does it have to do with the earth’s limited amount of resources and our new love for the beauty of wood?
David Mitchell Interior Design 43
Redwood Forest Trees
Kate and Laura Mulleavy who design the Rodarte Clothing line has created a collection inspired by the Redwood Forest of California and used custom wood grain fabrics in their spring and summer line.
David Mitchell Interior Design 44
Three looks from the Rodarte line
David Mitchell Interior Design 45
Savafieh Rugs
Savafieh Rugs has a beautiful collection of wood grain pattern carpets. These rugs would be great in a den or very open family room that has lots of windows. The wood grain pattern would add some earthy warmth to the space.

David Mitchell Interior Design 46
Keds Wood Grain Shoes
To keep you ‘rooted’ Keds has come up with a wood grain pattern sneaker that would be great for an alternative to your Birkenstocks.

David Mitchell Interior Design 47
Michael Aram Dinnerware
Michael Aram has designed a wonderful collection of grange colored wood grain dinnerware. How perfect would this be for your brother’s mancave? Or it could add an interesting texture to a modern glass top dinning table.

David Mitchell Interior Design 48
Wood Grain Glasses
Urban Spectacles in Chicago has a huge line of hard-carved wooden frames. If you are into the big Truman Capote kinda glasses this would be a perfect choice for a lighter summer look and a good alternative for the heavy black frames that are associated with this trend. Individuality rules.
David Mitchell Interior Design 49
Beautiful Pillows and Home Morning Wood Pillow
Beautiful Pillows and Home has this wonderful pillow on their website with a raised wood grain pattern composed of linen and cotton.
David Mitchell Interior Design 50
Hallmark Wood Grain Wrapping Paper
This past fall Hallmark had a series of wood grain wrapping paper (no longer available). This paper would be a great way to perfectly wrap a gift for a guy.
David Mitchell Interior Design 51
Roy Hamilton Long Neck Lamps
Roy Hamilton has just introduced a wood grain pattern to his outstanding lamp collection. The pattern comes in three colors and is available on most of his lamp bases.

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