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Thursday, April 7, 2011

DC Design House 2011, ‘One For the Guys.’

One of the things that I always feel is missing

from showhouses and shelter magazines are

spaces with a definite masculine point of view.

So, that was the starting point for creating

my room at this year’s showhouse. I had bought

this series of Olof Rudbeck’s bird prints about

2 years ago in Hudson, NY. I love them so much,

I really can’t sell them to a client. But, I thought

the beauty and simplicity of them would work so

well in this space. The bedroom has low ceilings

and small windows so I knew it would work for

my concept. I wanted to combine contemporary,

antique and found objects together and also to

explore a more textural and graphic use of

materials and fabrics to give the space a modern

American rustic look.

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