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Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Smithsonian Craft Show

Just returned from the Smithsonian Craft Show being held this weekend at the National Building Museum in DC. It was amazing - I don't want to tell you how much money I spent!

The show has more than fifty new artists participating for the first time; many with a beautiful new approach to handmade objects. I think the excitement of the show has to do with the three outstanding women who served as the jury and selected the new group of artists.

Some of the work I thought was outstanding includes:

Mark A. Perry, a folk art sculptor. His imagery of the dog with the wheel is striking, and yes, I want one of them.

Christine Adcock, a maker of handmade baskets and bracelets that were mesmerizing. They made you think, "how in the world did he do this?" I know it is intended to be jewelry, but I bought a couple of pieces and will sit them on Lucite bases to use as sculptural objects.
Olen Hsu, a potter. His pottery was the most eye catching in it simplicity. From the ethereal blues to the amazing olive greens, his color palette fits into my interiors perfectly. I think I bought half of his booth. I also commissioned him for two large bowls for clients.
Once again, this was an outstanding show. Since it is going to rain all day tomorrow, what better way to spend your day. Oh, and while you are there at the Building Museum, check out the Lego exhibition and the exhibition about the World's Fairs.

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